Professional Carpet Cleaning Johannesburg

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services

Welcome to JD’s Cleaning and Hygiene Services. Professional carpet cleaning services in Johannesburg. For many years we have been one of Johannesburg’s best commercial and residential carpet cleaning services with experience in cleaning almost all kinds of carpets and upholstery items. JD’s Cleaning also specializes in the cleaning of your homes rugs, carpet runners, couches, dining room tables and other fabric furniture items.

If you are looking to just give your carpet a seasonal cleaning or are in need of carpet rehabilitation due to a burst geyser or accidental circumstances then look no further than JD’s Clean to fulfill your carpet cleaning requirements.

Carpet Cleaning Services Johannesburg and Surrounding Areas

JD’s Cleaning carpet cleaning services in the following areas:

  • Johannesburg
  • Sandton
  • Midrand
  • Sunninghill
  • Fourways
  • Bryanston
  • Alberton
  • Kempton Park
  • Randburg
  • Randpark Ridge
  • Edenvale
  • Bedfordview
Carpet Cleaning Services

Is it worth getting your carpet professionally cleaned?

Yes, getting your carpets professionally cleaned by a professional carpet cleaning service has many benefits. A more thorough and deep clean takes place when an experienced carpet cleaning service cleans your carpets, through this process tough stains and ingrained dirt are worked loose to give your carpets a softer and fresher appearance than they had before.

Professional Carpet Cleaning Services Johannesburg

How often should you clean your carpets?

It is recommended that you clean your carpets at least twice a year , however this schedule may be different if you have children or pets. We all know our little loved ones and furry friends enjoy long days spent outside and very often little bits of the “great outdoors” find themselves stamped and pressed into the fibers of your homes lovely carpets.

Professional Carpet cleaners

How long do you have to stay off of carpets after carpet cleaning?

This differs time to time as carpets usually dry quicker in the summer. If you are having a carpet cleaning service through to clean your carpet then it is best to keep in mind that some carpets may take longer to dry. Avoid heavy traffic and and keep children and pets of the carpets for at least 6 hours. If you have to walk across the carpet to get to another section of the house, then wait 30 minutes before walking over the carpet and make sure to remove your shoes as they will be sure to leave dirt and marks on your newly cleaned carpet.